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Harwal Group combines innovation and excellence, that is probable the reason why is is an award-winning organization. We have 28 business units with manufacturing and sales facilities across the whole world. Our aim is to provide our customers the most innovative and the highest quality products and services in order to meet perfectly their needs. Due to this fact, today we are going to tell you everything you need to know about eco houses.

Harwal Group provides unrivaled manufacturing capabilities and services across the whole world. The manufacturing industry boosts business within 40 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA. We provide the most efficient Warehouse Storage Solutions. Let us share with you all we know about sustainability and eco-friendly houses.

Features of our Eco Houses

These are some of the features of the eco houses built by TSSC (Technical Supplies and Services Co.):

▷ Aesthetic Looks and Appearance

▷ Rigid Cement Construction

▷ Conventional Cement Wall Finish

▷ Superior Thermal Insulation

▷ Cost Savings over Cement Block

▷ Fast and Easy Installation on site

▷ Excellent Acoustic Properties

▷ Considerable Savings in electricity bills

▷ Supports Custom Architectural Designs

▷ Light weight

▷ The Most Advanced Building System

Eco houses — Green housing systems

TSSC is a company with over three decades of experience as the leading manufacturer of composite sandwich panels in the Gulf region. The same leading company has introduced the Eco Home Systems in their green and sustainable buildings. This system to build eco houses stands out for its energy efficient, its high quality, for being easy to install and yet affordable eco-friendly homes.

TSSC, working closely with US based DuraMax Eco Building Products, has developed a technological breakthrough in building sustainable houses using sustainable materials — using the Easy Panel Wall System.

This product was developed to solve the current need for conventional housing throughout the North Africa regions and the Middle East. The Easy wall cement panels are manufactured to the highest quality standards and they are supplied across the whole region to allow the quick building of multifamily home communities or custom made single.

The Eco House stands out wall, insulated roof and interior panels. All of them provide the building with exceptional thermal insulation. This reduces immensely the radiating heat penetration into the house from the external environment in summer and vice versa in winter. Hence, the result is a lower waste of electricity and a lower maintenance costs.

prefab-homesTSSC is specialized in designing and manufacturing permanent pre-engineered buildings for several applications. Its experienced and highly trained project management team is committed to delivering the project within the scheduled time and the stipulated budget.

We ensure the speedy and safe of the project. You will notice the commitment of our staff right from the enquiry to the handing over of the project with guaranteed attention to even the minute details of the project.

TSSC supplies the highest quality products at very affordable prices. Furthermore, we offer professional and personal service to each of our clients. This is what differentiates us from our competitors and we believe in maintaining a long term relationship with our clients.

How to build an eco-house? – Easy panel wall system

The easy panel wall system is a sandwich panel wall made of a cement board on the interior and exterior walls and the cavity filled with a mix of Light Weight Cement and Polystyrene Beads. The combination of these materials provides flexibility to the customer in the use of a wall to meet many requirements. This wall gives strength, rigidity and high insulation rating.

The easy panel wall system consists of a series of panels with three different wall thicknesses — 75 mm wall is recommended for interior partitions, while 150mm and 100 mm thick wall panels are best suited for exterior walls. The electrical conduits can be installed inside the walls, and the system offers an effective solution for all plumbing and other facility management requirements.

In order to expedite the assembly process and reduce the workforce required, panels are manufactured in 610 mm wide sections to facilitate an easy handling. It takes just two people to handle the panel, and the assembly can be completed using simple tools. The reduction of number of laborers and faster assembly is an important hidden value of the easy panel wall system.

prefab-housesAt TSSC, we have also developed our own technology to develop the easy panel wall system in mobile factories that can be established in isolated areas to ensure quick and prompt production, thus avoiding long distance shipping charges.

Advantages of Eco-Housing Systems

Easy panel walls system offers many key advantages in general building construction, so it does in eco-friendly building.  These are some of the main advantages of our eco houses:

▷ Consistent High Quality Finish

▷ Noise Reduction

▷ Cost Savings over conventional block wall system

▷ Simple Construction and Assembly method

▷ Easy Handling (no cranes required)

▷ Superior Insulation

▷ Fast Completion time

▷ Flexible Surface Finishing

Services provided by Harwal Group

All our works are carried out in such a professional way. Our designs and finish differentiate our projects from any other buildings, making each of them unique. These are some of the services provided by Harwal Group.


▷ Design (detailed drawings/blueprints)

▷ Project Planning

▷ Complete Material Procurement



▷ Civil Work – undertaken upon client’s request to cater as Turn-key project

▷ Interior Finishes

▷ Erection Works – carried out by trained TSSC erectors or skilled sub-contractors as per client’s request

We truly hope that you have enjoyed reading this post about eco houses as much as we have enjoyed writing it. If you still have any doubt, if you need further information or if you are interested in building an eco-house, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to solve any other doubt that may arise!

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