Containerized housing units, all you need to know

What is a homebox?

Harwal Shop is an award winning organization which combines excellence and innovation. Harwal Group has 28 business units across the world which counts on manufacturing and sales facilities. Today, we are going to tell you all you need to know about containerized housing units, because we aim to provide our customers the highest quality and the most innovative products and services.

We always do our best in order to give our customers the perfect solution to their needs.

The manufacturing industry boosts business within 40 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA. Among our products and services, you will find that we provide the best quality in terms of containerized housing units. As we have mentioned previously, Harwal Group provides unrivaled manufacturing capabilities and services across the whole world. Let us share with you all we know about containerized housing units.

Features of containerized housing units

If we focus on innovative concepts, we must say that prefabricated mobile containers are being adapted to meet the solution of accommodation units. The main advantage of these containerized housing units is that they can be setup at any location.

TSSC (Technical Supplies and Services Co.) offers a practical and unique solution. TSSC is specialized in the manufacturing of high-quality pre-fabricated mobile container housing units. They are based on ISO shipping container sizes (20 ft., 40 ft. and 45 ft. containers). Our containerized housing units offer the following features:

▷ Customizable

▷ Durable

▷ Easy to transport

▷ Eco-friendly

▷ Factory assembled, furnished & ready for delivery

▷ Fire Rated & Fire Retardant

▷ Flat Pack option available

▷ Light weight

▷ Relocatable and Reusable

▷ Superior Thermal Insulation

Main advantages of containerized housing


Shipping container homes are cheaper than any other house. They can be used as dormitory, temporary hospital, home, storage room and shelter. It is a great way to make home ownership a possibility for more people.



These containerized housing units are built to withstand and stand up to extreme weather elements and conditions, such as heavy rains or strong winds. They are also earthquake proof, rain and water-proof, moisture-proof, fire-resistant and anti-corrosive. Containerized housing units can be used over and over again and they have a long life span.

Expandable Space

If we talk about container homes can be piled on top of other containerized buildings to create a bigger living area. However, this can be applied to any container building.


You will find all kind of facilities inside the containerized housing units, such as bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and or even and office.


Containers were originally designed to be shipped around the globe. The container design enables to carry these modular units in a whole or in parts without damages. If you knock-down the components of the house completely, you can save space at transporting.

Quick Assembly

If you have knocked-down the components of a containerized housing unit, you can put them back together very quickly.

The different applications of containerized housing units

Now we are showing you some of the different applications of containerized housing units, but there are many others, such as general housing, dining halls, hotels and so on.

Containerized Accommodations

We could say that containerized steel-framed accommodation units are the future of the modular building industry. They are economical, scalable, strong and mobile, although they have many other advantages!

Energy efficient, green and eco-friendly buildings are not just a trend, they are our future!  Hence, if we think about the future, modular container houses and homes are on the forefront.

Containerized Clinics

Progressively, shipping container medical clinics are making possible and affordable to deliver quality healthcare to populations in remote areas. Furthermore, if there is a community health crisis, this kind of container buildings also allows easy and fast arrangement of emergency response teams.

container conversions

Containerized Offices

Containerized offices can be constructed as permanent or temporary structures. These containerized buildings have the same capabilities as standard offices, but they are so much more profitable. The fact of having the chance to move a workspace to a different location is a great option that standard offices do not offer.

Container offices are greatly durable. They can withstand mold, moisture and most weather related damages. Moreover, they are almost immune to corrosion too. All these factors make containerized offices the best choice in areas that have harsh climates or in those that are prone to storms.

Containerized Schools

Sea containers are transformed into comfortable and attractive spaces for kids, which are the perfect option for facilitating learning in remote areas. Using container units makes possible to set up decent and safe schools at a very affordable price.  It is also very easy and quick to enlarge the space available to an existing school simply by adding more container units.

Specialized Shelters

container house design

TSSC is renowned in manufacturing specialized shelters which adhere to International Standards (ISO containerized buildings) and which are custom built as per the specific requirements of each client.

For diversified range and caters to GSM telecom shelters, radio and radar equipment shelters, airport shelters, ambient air quality monitoring shelters, transformer and switchgear sub-station enclosures, mobile abattoir units, Cell on Wheels (COW), Rapid Deployment Units (RDU) and explosion proof shelters used in Hazardous areas of Zone 1 & 2 for the gas and oil industry with complete fit outs of electrical fixtures.

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this post about containerized housing units as much as we enjoy giving you all the information that you need. Remember that if you have any doubt, if you need further information or if you are interested in our containerized housing units for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us in order to solve any other doubt that may arise!

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