All you need to know about Cold Rolled Steel Warehouse Buildings


Harwal Group is composed by 28 business units across the whole world. Those business units count on sales and manufacturing facilities. Nowadays, Harwal Shop is an award winning organization which combines innovation and excellence. Today, we are going to tell you all you need to know about cold rolled steel warehouse buildings. Our aim is to provide our customers the highest quality and the most innovative products and services.

The manufacturing industry boosts business within 40 countries across the USA, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. Among our products and services, you will find that we provide the best quality in everything we do. Hence, we want to share with our customers all we know about steel warehouse buildings.

We always do our best in order to give our customers the perfect solution to their needs.

Steel Warehouse buildings — Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

TSSC Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings allow designing some kind of constructions in a larger scale and in a shorter period of time. This way, what we offer to the owners of the project is to save money and time. These buildings are the best construction solutions for large scaled constructions. For instance, steel warehouse buildings, industrial structures, commercial buildings, hospitals, sports facilities, cultural centres, social facilities, hangars and so on.

This kind of buildings can be finished internally with different structural accessories including canopies, mezzanine floors, interior partitions fascias, and some others to serve multiple functions. The buildings can be externally accessorized to obtain an architectural design more unique and attractive. The system has a lot of advantages over conventional buildings and it is also quite adaptable.

Cold rolled steel warehouse buildings

CRS warehouse system components

As we have mentioned in previous posts, TSSC is considered an industry leader in the manufacturing sector. It is a leading provider of Pre-Engineered Cold Rolled Steel structure systems and metal building systems.

TSSC is accredited to deliver prefabricated metal buildings, such as large scale steel warehouse buildings, accommodation building camps, workforce housing buildings, poultry shed projects and residential developments. All these steel constructions can be assembled with speed, accuracy, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

TSSC is specialized in pre-engineered structure system where building elements are produced from accurate, galvanized and bolt assembled Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) frame structures using manufacturing processes and a cutting edge software.


These frame structures combine a simple way of construction together with a great flexibility in the design depending on the required applications. They are suited for hot climates, due to its system offers a wide variety of highly insulated wall and roofing materials.

The structure design and detailing of the cold formed structures are executed with 3D modelling software TEKLA structures and it is conveyed to the state of the art roll-forming machine. Prefabrications realized in factory environment and on the robot lines minimize any possible human error.

The Cold Rolled Steel is pre-fabricated at the factory, so it does not require on site fabrication or welding. It is lighter than hot rolled steel and other Built-Up Structures. It is raised on site with half the speed feasible with traditional construction. Furthermore, steel is a 100% recyclable metal, so that it is a green building material.

Benefits and Advantages of Cold Rolled Steel Warehouse Buildings

These are some of the benefits and advantages of opting for cold rolled steel warehouse buildings:


▷100% pre-fabricated at the factory. That means that there is no wastage of materials or extra labour costs.

▷ It is not necessary on-site welding or fabrication.

▷ The system is value engineered and it offers more accurate estimation data.

▷ The erection of Cold Rolled steel frame construction is more efficient and economical than other constructions. Moreover, it is actually lighter than Hot Rolled Steel and any built-up structures. We could say that the lighter is the building, smaller is the cost.


▷ If we compare cold rolled steel buildings to hot rolled built-up systems, we can definitely say that it means their manufacturing is faster. This means that this kind of buildings can be completed and occupied in shorter times with a reduced site disruption and reduced scope of climatic delays.

▷ The dry wrapped or the covered structure can be delivered quicker. That allows other traits to move in and go ahead with the construction.

▷ These buildings are assembled using bolts and nuts. This favours a shorter construction and erection time.



▷ Specific software is used in order to design and ensure the structural integrity of light steel frame structures. When the design is complete, the data is fed directly into a cold roll forming machine by Tekla Software.

▷ The frame system is designed for all types of cladding. For instance, single skin panels, insulated composite panels, rockwool panels, aluminium composite panels, and light weight concrete panels — also known as easypanel.

▷ A controlled environment for galvanizing steel with mill certification.

▷ Full drawings provided with each building for easy assembly.

▷ Steel is a 100% recyclable, so it is a great option in terms of green building materials.

▷ The building can be disassembled and reassembled again due to bolted connections.

Applications of Cold Rolled Steel Warehouse Buildings

These are some of the possible applications of steel warehouse buildings:

Accomodation Buildings

▷ Residential Buildings

▷ Labour Camps

Industrial Buildings

▷ Small to Medium Plants

▷ Warehouses Workshops Showrooms

Agricultural Buildings

▷ Machinery and Storage Warehouses

▷ Chicken Sheds Breeding Farms

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