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As you possibly know yet, adhesives are any non-metallic substance applied to the surface of two different and separated items and which function is to bind them together and resists their separation. Conversely, a sealant is a material used to block the passage of fluids through the openings, joints or surface of different kinds of materials. We could say that sealant is a type of mechanical seal.

While sealants are not adhesives, we have to point out that some of them have adhesive qualities — this type of sealant is called adhesive-sealant. Are you looking for the best adhesives and sealants? In HarwalShop, we offer you all the types of adhesives, sealants and adhesive-sealants. Let’s take a look at our products!

Types of Adhesives

Solvent Cement

→ ABS10-Solvent Cement

→ CLN11- Pipe Cleaner

→ cPVC20- Solvent Cement

→ PVC06-PVC Primer

→ SC00- PVC Solvent Cement

→ SC01-All Pressure Solvent Cement

→ SC01LV-All Pressure Solvent Cement Low VOC

→ SC10LV -Low VOC Contact Adhesive

Contact Adhesive/Sprayable Adhesive

→ SL12-Sprayable Contact Adhesive

→ SL18LP-Contact Adhesive

→SL22-Sprayable Contact Adhesive

→ SL28CA-Contact Adhesive

→ SL38AP-Contact Adhesive

→ SL42HS-Sprayable Contact Adhesive

→ SL48-Carpet Glue

→ SL68 – PU Clear Adhesive

→ SL88-Low VOC Contact Adhesive

Household Adhesive & Sealant

→IPF60-Instant Putty Filler

→ WF62-All Purpose Wood Filler

RTV Gasket Maker

→ AT83-Shellac

→ RTV63-Grey Pro RTV

→ RTV65-Copper RTV

→ RTV70-Multipurpose RTV Sealant

Epoxy Adhesive & Putty

→ EP00 – Epoxy Mortar

→ EP04 – FRC Epoxy Adhesive

→ EP10 – All Purpose Structural Epoxy

→ EP11 – Non-Sag Epoxy

Automotive Adhesive & Sealant

→ AT82-Insulation Cork Tape

→ MS21-All Purpose MS Sealant

→ MS38-Autobody Seam Sealant

→ MS55-Auto Glass Sealant

→ PR01- Black Primer

Butyl Tape/Butyl Sealant

→ BT60-Tape Butyl Sealant

→ BT700-All Purpose Butyl Sealant

→ BT720-Door Trim Butyl Sealant

→ INS82-Insulation Cork Tape

→ RT730-Roofing Tape

→ VB740-Vacuum Bagging Tape

Filler & Others

→PR02-Concrete Primer

→ RMV80-Paint Remover

Professional Caulking Guns

→ GN51- 9″ Professional Revolving Gun

→ GN52-11″ Standard Revolving Gun

→ GN53-11″ Standard Caulking Gun

→ GN54-Pneumatic Dispensing Gun

→ GN55-Pneumatic Dispensing Gun 600ml

→ GN56-Heavy Duty Sausage Caulking Gun

→ GN57-9″ Pneumatic Gun 300 ml

→ GN58-15″ Standard Sausage Gun 600ml

→ GN59-9″ Standard Caulking Gun

Types of Sealants & Adhesive Sealants

Silicone Sealant

→ AC00- Multi Purpose Sealant

→ AC01-All Purpose Sealant

→ AC02-General Purpose Sealant

→ NS-10 T-Translucent High Performance Sealant

→ NS-10 T(s) -Translucent High Performance Sealant

→ NS-10 W- White High Performance Sealant

→ NS-10 W(s) – White High Performance Sealant

→ NS08- Glass & Metal Sealant

→ NS11-Weatherproofing Sealant

→ NS12-Sanitary Sealant

→ NS14-Polycarbonate Sealant

MS Polymer Sealant

→ MS20LM-MS Sealant

→ MS21-All Purpose MS Sealant

→ MS22-All Stik MS Clear Sealant

→ MS25-Ultimate Construction Sealant

→ MS26-Green Sealant

→ MS28- Power Screw-Instant Grab Adhesive

→ MS29-Fire Rated Hybrid Sealant

→ MS30-MS Flooring Adhesive

→ MS38-Autobody Seam Sealant

→ MS52-High Performance MS Sealant

Acrylic Sealant

→ AR20-Seal All Gaps

→ AR22-All Purpose Gap Sealant

→ AR24-Rainbow Sealant

→ AR26-GP Gap Sealant

→ AR28-Fire Retardant Sealant

Construction Adhesive / Panel Adhesive

→ CA31-Heavy Duty Adhesive

→ CA32-Construction Adhesive/ECO Nails

→ CA33-Panel Adhesive/Green Nails

→ CA34-Multi Purpose Adhesive

→ CA35-Tub Surround Sealant

→CA36-Bond Sealant

Polyurethane Sealant / PU Sealant

→ PU60S- LM PU Sealant

Duct Sealant

→ SL82-Air Duct Sealant

→ SL84-High Performance Duct Sealant

→ WB86- Water-based Air Duct Sealant

→ WB88- Fire Rated Duct Sealant

Other Sealant

→ CK40-Awning Caulk

→ CR41-Coolroom Mastic

→ CR42-Non Skinning Mastic Sealant/p>

→ SJ80-Small Joint Sealant

In HarwalShop, we care about your needs. So please, if you are interested in our adhesive sealants or if you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can do it through our web page or calling us at this phone number — (+971) 65335366. We are here to help you.