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Nowadays, the high-tech solutions has been developed hand in hand with the emergence of new and improved materials in the market, which have lead us to create new and efficient installation and building systems that allow us to take full advantage of their potential while also optimizing the installation process.

At HarwalShop, all we want is to offer you the best quality building systems. Prefab buildings, specialized shelters, porta cabins, container solutions, security cabins and ready buildings are some examples of the building system solutions that have contributed to improve architectural efficiency. Are you looking for the best building systems? We always try to offer you the best solution, so down below you can see all the types of building systems available in our shop.

Types of Building Systems

Down below you will find the types of building systems available in our shop.

Prefabricated Buildings

➞ PREFAB Buildings

As a pioneer in manufacturing of polyurethane injected and laminated insulated panels, TSSC (Technical Supplies and Services Co.) is specialized in the designing and manufacturing Prefab Buildings. For that, TSSC uses fully insulated roof, walls and partition along with door panels due to which the building is provided with exceptional thermal insulation — that way, the results can be shown in low electricity and maintenance cost.

Specialized Shelters

➞ Specialized Shelters

TSSC (Technical Supplies and Services Co.) has been renowned and it is specialized in manufacturing shelters which obey the International Standards and which are custom built as per client’s specific requirements.

Porta Cabins

➞ Porta Cabins

Porta Cabins are assembled in the factory and delivered to site — incorporating electrical, sanitary, plumbing, pantry and office furniture, ready to use by just connecting outlet’s to the main source. TSSC (Technical Supplies and Services Co.) units can be relocated several times using a crane or a heavy duty fork lift. They are considered to be the best in most craggy and remote sites exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Container Solutions

➞ Container Solutions

Focusing on innovative concepts, pre-fabricated mobile containers are being adapted to meet the solution of accommodation units which can be setup at any location.

Security Cabins

➞ SSC Special Design Security Cabin

➞ TSSC Square Design Security Cabin

Ready Buildings

➞ Modular warehouses

➞ Poultry Farms

➞ Walk-In Chillers & Freezers

At HarwalShop, we just want to offer you the best solutions to your needs. So please, if you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can do it through our web page or you can give us a call at this phone number — (+971) 65335366. We will be pleased to help you anytime.