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We all know what is metal, but it is probable that we don’t know all the existing types of metal or which is their optimum use. Are you looking for the best metal materials for your products? In HarwalShop, we offer you all the types of metal materials, including the best aluminium and steel among many others. Moreover, you will find in our shop all kind of aluminium and all the types of steel.

Aluminium and its types

Aluminium is a type of metal light, very durable and functional. This metal is a silvery-white product — more concretely, the 13th element in the periodic table. One of the most surprising facts about aluminium is that this metal is the most widespread metal material on Earth. On our planet, it is the third most common chemical element too— after oxygen and silicon.

Those types of aluminium metals are Aluminium Coils (Al Coil) and Aluminium Sheets (Al Sheet).

Al Coils

→ Aluminium HDP Coating

→ Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 1050

→ Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 1100

→ Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 3003

→ Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 3004

→ Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 3105

→ Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 5005

→ Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 8011

→ Aluminium Plastisol Coating

→ Aluminium PVDF Coating

→ Aluminium RMP Coating

→ Aluminium SMP Coating

→ Embossed Aluminium Coil / Alloy 1050

→ Embossed Aluminium Coil / Alloy 1100

→ Embossed Aluminium Coil / Alloy 3003

→ Embossed Aluminium Coil / Alloy 3004

Al Sheets

→ Aluminium Embossed Sheets

→ Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 1050

→ Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 1100

→ Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 3003

→ Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 3004

→ Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 3105

→ Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 5005

→ Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 8011

→ Aluminium Perforated Sheets

→ Aluminium PP Sheets

Steel and its types

Among the different types of metal alloys, steel is probably one of the favourites in our sector. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. Furthermore, it is a major component used in buildings, tools, ships, automobiles, infrastructure, machines, appliances, and weapons due to its high tensile strength and low cost.

There are different steel material types, and the ones that you will find in our shop are metal decking and purlings, hot rolled steel, cold rolled steel and coated steel.

Metal Decking & Purlings

→ Metal Decking – Profile 150/275

→ Metal Decking – Profile 45/150

→ Metal Decking – Profile 55/148

→ Metal Decking – Profile 75/254

→ Metal Decking – Profile 75/305

→ Roll Formed – C Purlins

→ Roll Formed – Z Purlins

Hot Rolled Steel

→ Hot Rolled Mild Steel Sheets

→ Hot Rolled Steel Coils

Cold Rolled Steel

→ Cold Rolled Steel Coils

→ Cold Rolled Steel Sheets

Coated Steel

→ AluZinc Steel Coil

→ AluZinc Steel Sheet

→ Galvanized Iron Coil

→ Galvanized Iron Sheet

→ Pre-Painted Galvalume Coils

→ Pre-Painted Galvalume Sheets

→ Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron Coil

→ Pre-Painted Galvanized Iron Sheet

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