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Harwal Shop wants to offer you the best quality products independently of its material — metal, plastic… This time we are talking about one of the different kinds of metal — aluminium. These are just some examples of the aluminium products available in our shop: you can find from aluminium gates, fences and balconies to aluminium coating or perforated sheets.

We are one of the greatest aluminium manufacturers and suppliers in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and USA. Then, are you looking for the best aluminium products? We always offer you the best solution, so you will find here below all the different types of aluminium products available at Harwal Shop.

Different Types of Aluminium Products

As we have mention previously, aluminium is a type of metal. The uses of this material are virtually endless due to its versatility and indefinite ability to be recycled. Aluminium has many properties — for example, we could say that it is very durable, light and very functional.

The demand for aluminium keeps growing year by year in the whole world as its benefits are increasingly felt. Hence, aluminium fabrication is increased day by day as specialists discover new applications for this beautiful and useful metal.

These are some of the different types of aluminium products that you can find in our shop:

Aluminium Coils (Al Coils)

▷ Aluminium HDP Coating

▷Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 1050

▷Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 1100

▷Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 3003

▷Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 3004

▷Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 3105

▷Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 5005

▷Aluminium Mill-Finish Coil / Alloy 8011

▷Aluminium Plastisol Coating

▷Aluminium PVDF Coating

▷Aluminium RMP Coating

▷Aluminium SMP Coating

▷Embossed Aluminium Coil / Alloy 1050

▷Embossed Aluminium Coil / Alloy 1100

▷Embossed Aluminium Coil / Alloy 3003

▷Embossed Aluminium Coil / Alloy 3004

Aluminium Sheets (Al Sheets)

▷Aluminium Embossed Sheets

▷Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 1050

▷Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 1100

▷Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 3003

▷Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 3004

▷Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 3105

▷Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 5005

▷Aluminium MF Sheets / Alloy 8011

▷Aluminium Perforated Sheets

▷Aluminium PP Sheets

Other aluminium products

▷Aluminium Ingots

▷Aluminium Gates

▷Aluminium Fences

▷Aluminium Balcony

▷Aluminium Checkered Plates

▷Aluminium Deoxidizer

▷Aluminium Doors

▷Aluminium Sows

▷Cast Railings and Gates

▷Aluminium Staircases

Harwal Shop wants to provide you the best solutions to your needs and the highest quality services. Thus, if you have any doubt or if you need more information about the aluminium products available in our shop, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be pleased to help you anytime. You can write us through our web page or call us at this phone number — (+971) 65335366.