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Are you looking for the best plastic materials? In HarwalShop, we offer you the best options for plastic materials, including the best polycarbonate (PC) plastic materials— among which you will find the best polycarbonate solid sheets, polycarbonate panels, multi-wall pc sheets, polycarbonate embossed sheets, light diffusing pc sheets and so on.


We are quite sure that you have heard about polycarbonate. Just in case you are still wondering what is polycarbonate, we have to tell you that Polycarbonate is a dimensionally stable transparent thermoplastic. The best part is that its structure allows for outstanding impact resistance.

Polycarbonate has got high-performance properties, so it is the leading plastic material for various applications that demand high functioning temperatures and safety features. Polycarbonate is often the preferred thermoplastic over materials like PMMA and Acrylic due to its durable make-up.

This PC material is incomparable in its working temperatures and ability to experience minimal degradation between heating and cooling points. Polycarbonate integrates cooling temperatures at -40 degrees Fahrenheit and a high working temperature of 266 degrees Fahrenheit.

Polycarbonate Applications

Some of the most popular uses of polycarbonate can include data storage devices, multiwall sheets, aircraft parts, dome lights, eye protection, electronic components and so much more. Due to the ability of polycarbonate to withstand extreme temperatures for lengthened periods of time, it is frequently used in components for several industries, including Industrial Lighting, Aircrafts and Aerospace Components, Electronic Components, Greenhouses and Agriculture, Automotive Components or Machinery Guards.

Other options for plastic materials

But this is not all about polycarbonate — we offer you a wide range of products, trying to be as suitable as possible to your needs. Among those other materials, you will find Glass Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) and Profiled Systems.

Glass Fibre-Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

TheGlass Fibre-Reinforced Plastic is one of the best choices for the construction of chemical storage tanks, piping systems, apparatus and other types of industrial process equipment. The FRP properties are so much better than other conventional materials — such as steel, when it comes to chemical and corrosion resistance. This product needs a little maintenance and nevertheless, it is a long product life time.

In our shop, you will find some FRP materials like GRP Double Skin Panel, GRP Single Skin Sheet or GRP Triple Skin Panel.

Profiled Systems

Other option is the Profiled panel System, which is perfect for rooms of any shape, all common screed types and they can be adapted to every kind of individual needs without jeopardizing the comfort, quality or flexibility of the product. All system panels are fully manufactured in-house. Permanent internal and external inspections also confirm the extraordinary high quality of all components.

In HarwalShop, your concerns are our concerns. So, if you have any doubt about the products, the materials, the prices or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can do it through our web page or calling us at this number — (+971) 65335366. We will be pleased to help you anytime.

Double Skin Panels

GRP Double Skin Panel


Glass Fibre-Reinforced Plastic

GRP Single Skin Sheet


Glass Fibre-Reinforced Plastic

GRP Triple Skin Panel


PC Embossed Sheet

PC Embossed Sheet


Multi-Wall PC Sheet

Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Sheet