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Currently, the high-tech solutions have been developed hand in hand with the emergence of new and improved materials in the market. This has lead us to create new and more efficient storage systems, which allow us to take full advantage of their potential while we optimize the space utilisation too.

HarwalShop wants to offer you the best quality storage systems — residential storage systems, such as metal garden storage shed or car shelters, as well as warehousing storage solutions, such as shelving and racking systems. These are just some examples of the storage system solutions available in our shop.

Then, are you looking for the best storage systems? Since we always try to offer you the best solution, you will find all the different types of storage systems available at HarwalShop down below.

Types of Storage Systems

Down below you can see the different types of storage systems solutions available in our shop.

Residential Storage Systems


▷ 6′ x 5′ Palladium Shed – Wood grain with Brown

▷ 8′ x 6′ Palladium Shed

▷ 8′ x 6′ Titan-V2 Shed – Wood grain with Brown trim


▷ Palladium Car Shelter – Silver

▷ Pergolas

▷ Vinyl Garage


▷ Palladium Cushion Box

Warehousing Storage Solutions

▷ Bolt Free Warehouse Shelving Systems

▷ Double Deep Warehouse Racking System

▷ Drive-In Warehouse Racking System

▷ Multi-Tier Heavy Duty Shelving Systems

▷ Selective Warehouse Racking System

▷ VNA Warehouse Racking System

Storage Shed Systems – DURAMAX

DURAMAX is so much more than just a shed storage systems solution. It is peace of mind knowing that you will never have to paint, treat or seal the shed as long as you own it. Our storage sheds offer a contemporary design in neutral colour that will naturally blend in with any backyard or garden. Thereupon you will find some of the features of these storage shed systems.

DURAMAX Storage Systems

DURAMAX Storage Sheds are made with the highest quality materials and their price is very competitive. These sheds provide safe and secure storage space for your home, your business or even your vacation property.

Its assembly is easy, clean, and safe and it can be completed in a few hours. All parts are pre-cut, drilled and numbered for ease of assembly with an Instructional Booklet. Each package includes all the necessary hardware / components and accessories, as well as the illustrated step-by-step Instructional Booklet mentioned previously. Each Shed is packed in a heavy duty cardboard box. These are some of the general features:

General Features:

▷ Rust and Root Proof

▷ Fire Retardant

▷ Durable and long lasting

▷ Eliminates painting or treating of wood

▷ Easy to install / Do It Yourself

▷ Corrugated metal for greater rigidity and strength

▷ Available in different sizes, colours and styles

▷ Some Kits Included

HarwalShop wants to provide you the best services and solutions to your needs. So please, if you have any doubt or if you need more information about storage systems, don’t hesitate to contact us! We will be pleased to help you anytime. You can write us through our web page or you can give us a call at this phone number — (+971) 65335366.