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These days there are lots of different materials available in the market which can be applied on the walls to improve their durability, as well as aesthetics and save on maintenance. These materials are known as wall cladding materials.

As you probably know, cladding refers to a covering used on one material for providing protection as well as decorative look. Conversely, wall cladding refers to cover the walls with another material. Are you looking for the best cladding materials for buildings? In HarwalShop, we offer you all the types of wall cladding materials.

Types of Wall Cladding

Frequently, exterior paints are not enough to provide protection to the interior of a building. Furthermore, the paint may not match the wonderful aesthetics provided by different cladding materials. Nevertheless, wall cladding provides protection against weathering agents such as sunlight, rain, wind, snow, fire, and many others.

Nowadays, there are many different types of cladding materials available, therefore you can choose from a wide variety of options according to your needs. The types of cladding materials available in our shop are the ones that you will see down below.

Profiled Systems — Glass Fibre-Reinforced Plastic

→ GRP Double Skin Panel

→ GRP Single Skin Sheet

→ GRP Triple Skin Panel

Polycarbonate Systems

→ Multiwall PC Standing-Seam

→ Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Sheet

→ Polycarbonate Profiled Sheets

→ Reinforced 3-Wall-R Multiwall PC Sheet

→ Reinforced 3-Wall-X MultiWall PC Sheet

→ Reinforced 4-Wall-R MultiWall PC Sheet

Building Facade

→ Aluminium Cladding

→ Aluminium Expended Mesh

→ Aluminium Fences

→ Aluminium Handrails and Glass Balustrade

→ Aluminium Louvers

→ Automatic Door and Entrance systems

→ Canopies

→ Curtain Wall Facades

→ Glass

→ Internal Partitions

→ Mashrabiya

→ Stainless Steel

Easy Panel Wall System

→ Easypanel Walls

Urban Wall System

→ Urbanwall System

PIR Wall Panels

→ ISO Wall Composite Panel- Regular Type

→ PIR Composite Panels

WOOL Wall Panels

→ FIRESPAN Mineral Wool Panel-TSP 45/250

→ ISO Wall- Rockwool Insulated Panel

→ ROCK Wool Insulated Panel-TSP 45/250

Insulation – Rockwool

Rockwool Slab

Types of Roof Cladding

Among the different types of cladding, we have to talk about roof cladding systems. Now that we have seen the types of wall cladding, it is time to talk about the different types of roof cladding materials. Let’s see the different roof cladding options that you can find in our shop.

Insulated Composite Panels

→ Composite Panel- TSP 32/366

→ Composite Panel- TSP 35/205

→ Composite Panel- TSP 40/200

→ Composite Panel- TSP 42/206

→ Composite Panel- TSP 45/150

→ Composite Panel- TSP 45/250

→ FIRESPAN Mineral Wool Panel-TSP 45/250

Roof Cladding Sheets

→ Roof Corrugated Sheets- Profile 32/366

→ Roof Corrugated Sheets- Profile 35/205

→ Roof Corrugated Sheets- Profile 40/200

→ Roof Corrugated Sheets- Profile 42/206

→ Roof Corrugated Sheets- Profile 45/150

→ Roof Corrugated Sheets- Profile 45/250

Skylight Systems

→ Aluminium & Glass Skylight

→ Dome Polycarbonate Triple Layer

→ FRP Soaker Panels

→ Multiwall PC Standing-Seam

→ Polycarbonate Profiled Sheets

Standing Seam Roofing & Wall Cladding System

→ TSSC-BASECO Seamless Roofing System-Profile 65/310

→ TSSC-BASECO Seamless Roofing System-Profile 65/410

→ TSSC-BASECO Seamless Roofing System-Profile 65/435

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